On Braces

smiling girl with braces

This is Lila, who I’ve known since she was three or four years old. From baby teeth to gap toothed smiles, to braces…it’s so fun to watch kids grow up, and to be able to capture each stage.

We are deep into the world of braces with my own kids right now. The older two have them, my youngest is supposed to go in for a consult this summer, and our bank account is positively aching. As a kid my teeth were a mess and I had braces during my junior high (no middle schools in Roseburg, OR) years. One of the things my mom commented on from time to time while I was a kid, and still talks about today, was how she was always a little sad to see my jumbled, crowded teeth smoothed and straightened out. I smiled and nodded at her for years, but now–I understand. Especially with my youngest, whose teeth are the most crooked of all my children. Braces will completely change how she looks, and I will certainly miss those mouse teeth of hers.


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