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Project 365 {film} – Digital photography? I’ve got that down. Film is a horse of a different color.

In 2015 I taught myself how to shoot film.
At least one picture, every day, for an entire year.


In December I bought an old Nikon F100 film camera, and on Christmas Day I started in on my first ever roll of film.  Okay, yes, like most people over the age of 25, I have used film cameras before.  But the disposable and point and shoot cameras of my youth do not count towards actual photography experience.  It’s safe to say that I knew nothing about photography until ten years ago, and by then I didn’t know anybody that was still using film.  So why get back into film now?  Because digital cameras allow you to shoot in manual without fully understanding the technical aspect of photography.  Those LCD screens on the back of DSLRs are so dang handy!  In 2015 I’m doing a project 365 {film}, in an attempt to master the technical side of photography.  And also because I have a hard time passing up a good bandwagon.  Film has come back with a vengeance and I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Here are a few pictures from my first two rolls of film, which were filled with many less-than-perfect, but full-of-personality images, which I am nonetheless thrilled with.  This is going to be a fun project.


Bamboletta Dolls Seattle Family Photographer Boy With Legos Seattle Family Photographer Bowling Seattle Family Photographer Girl Seattle Family Photographer Boy and Movie Popcorn Seattle Family Photographer Mandarins Seattle Family Photographer


camera: Nikon F100

films: Ilford XP2 and Fuji Superia X-TRA 400

processed by: theFINDlab




Girl in Stripes Film Seattle Family Photographer1.1.15 – Niamh at the Union Bay Natural Area


Sisters Film Seattle Family Photographer1.2.15 – Sisters


Girl Sewing Seattle Family Photographer1.3.15 – Muriel Sewing


Friends Seattle Family Photographer1.4.15 – Last day of the winter holidays, and all the kids had a friend over.  This is Niamh and her good friend Naomi.


Umbrella Boy Seattle Family Photographer1.5.15 – Rowan, walking to school.


Bird Seattle Family Photographer1.6.15 – My failed attempt to catch a flock of birds in the sky


Golden Gardens Tree Seattle Family Photographer1.7.15 – Golden Gardens



camera: Nikon F100

films: Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 & Ilford XP2

processed by: theFINDlab

Two Girls Seattle Family Photographer

1.8.15 – Niamh and Muriel playing chopsticks


Little Free Library Seattle Family Photographer

1.9.15 – Little Free Library on 14th


Kids Seattle Family Photographer

1.10.15 – Cousins in Capitol Hill


Winter Berries

1.11.15 – Winter Berries at Discovery Park


Two Girls Seattle Family Photographer

1.12.15 – Muriel & Claudia


No Skateboarding

1.13.15 – No Skateboarding


Tights Seattle Family Photographer

1.14.15 – New tights



Camera: Nikon F100

Films: Ilford XP2 & Kodak Portra 800

Processed by: theFINDlab

No David Seattle Family Photographer1.15.15 – She laughs every time (from No, David!)


Mother and Son Seattle Family Photographer1.16.15 – Reed & Sara


Girl Unicycling Seattle Family Photographer1.17.15 – Learning to unicycle


Donuts Seattle Family Photographer1.18.15 – Warm donuts at the Ballard Farmer’s Market


Girl Scout Sign Posts Seattle Family Photographer1.19.15 – At Camp River Ranch


Tights Seattle Family Photographer1.20.15 – Tights drying


Father and Children Seattle Family Photographer1.21.15 – Welcoming Daddy home from Malaysia (Why yes, this photo is shamelessly staged!)



Camera: Nikon F100

Films: Kodak Portra 800 (#1-3) & Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 (#4-7)

Processed by: theFINDlab

Girl and Doll Seattle Family Photographer1.22.15 – Muriel and Felicity


Mushrooms Seattle Family Photographer1.23.15 – Mushrooms along the Piper’s Creek Trail


Box Boat Seattle Family Photographer1.24.15 – Boat from a box


Boy and Football Seattle Family Photographer1.25.15 – He bought some football gloves with his Christmas money


Go Hawks Sign Seattle Family Photographer1.26.15 – Go Hawks


Girl Spinning Seattle Family Photographer1.27.15 – New Dress


Seattle Sunset Seattle Family Photographer1.28.15 – Sunset Hill Park…at sunset



Camera: Nikon F100

Film: Fuji Superia X-TRA 400

Processed by: theFINDlab